These strange beings started appearing on the fringes of the galaxy, in the last 20 cycles. They’re strange humanoid aspect, albeit grey skin and strange pink glowing protuberances in the cranium, were the least impressive aspect of they’re nature. They’re DNA has not been completely decoded by no known science, but they all share the same code for the most part.
They are semi-organic, some of their biology is completely alien by the standards of the galaxy. They have some kind of mineral and energetic components to their biology that makes them impossible to understand fully. What is known is, if their accounts are to be believed, that they are all part of the Ipse. An Immortal being , that believes himself the only real thing in the world. No other thing can be real for everything else is ephemeral and transient except the Ipse.

The creatures refer to themselves as illusory parts of the Ipse, for they also are transient and ephemeral.


Whatever the case might be, they are intent in cleansing the universe of all that is not eternal and real. That spells trouble for every other race in the Galaxy.

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