The Dagonians society is strange for most foreigners. Firstly they live underwater, which is uncommon for most sentient species in the known galaxy. It is said that they migrated from the earth to the sea many Cycles ago, and evolved into what we know today. Others say they never left the water.

The only fact is that whatever led them to accept the harshness of the ocean floors, also bred some of the galaxy’s most fearsome soldiers. Accepting the harshness of the ocean floors should be enough to harden any sentient being, but Dagonians tradition demands that only the strong may live. The Dagonians leave their eggs in the nursery. These nurseries are left locked with 10 eggs each until the Hatching begins. The small Dagonians hatchlings are born with a killer instinct, and kill the weaker offspring. When only the strong stand, The nursery is open and the hatchling is ready to take its rightful place in the society. There are no families, no mothers, no fathers, no brothers. The Dagonians are all related, not by blood, but by tradition.


They all receive military training, and the best soldiers comprise the Senatus Bellum. The Senatus is responsible among other things, for determining when the Aqua Engines should be placed on a new planet to expand the Glory of the Dagonians Republic, and bring another planet into the fold.
The Senatus sees war as Sacred, and therefore avoids conflict with lesser races, so it usually uses its Engines on uninhabited planets. But the Humans often seek to harvest the resources of these planets for their own gain, and that often leads to conflict.

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