Sci-Fi Miniatures Game
Awakening Recon

What is Awakening?

Awakening:Recon is a miniature game set in our galaxy thousands of years in the future. The Awakening was the arrival of the Ipse to our galaxy, a species completely alien to all of our galaxy's life forms. The races now compete for the ever scarcer resources of the galaxy,sometimes coming into conflict with one another.
1. How To Start
To start playing Awakening:Recon, all you need to do is to purchase one of our starter sets. In each starter set you will find some miniatures, to start your force, and all aditional material you need to play. This includes, rules, templates, markers and even some scenario.
2. How To Play
In each game of Awakening:Recon, 2 players battle each other with their own armies. The Awakening: Recon ruleset makes each player alternately activate units in a simple fast and fun game
3. What Do You Need
All starting material, including the base set of units mandatory by the rules cames in the starter set.
4. Awakening:Recon Factions