Important announcement – Awakening: Recon Crowdfunding

Hello friends,
As you may be aware, FatMan Productions launched recently a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise funds so we can finish developing and produce our first miniature game: Awakening: Recon.
However, we quickly noticed that the campaign wasn’t going as expected, so we asked to some friends, backers, players and shops what mistakes we committed. We got some very interesting feedbacks like lacking of miniatures already casted and painted or lack of details on our alpha rules.
Because of this, we decided to stop the actual crowdfunding campaign (because some Indiegogo restrictions it will continue on air for the remaining days), and begin preparing a new, and better, campaign. We will listen to all your feedbacks and try to make the project more interesting to the community without losing the essence of the game.
For this, we also ask you to reply to this survey, so we can have more feedback.

Survey: Click Here

We will be back soon and continue giving regular updates about the miniatures that we are already casting, rules, story and many other interesting issues!

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