These small seemingly harmless creatures measure no more than 2 feet. They have smooth greenish grey skin, big heads and big noses. They have been completely forgotten from the galaxy until a recent encounter with a Consortium scouting party, shed some light on them.

They are an ancient race whose society crumbled due to internal struggle and warfare among themselves. In a council of elders a few of them decided that the only way to survive was hermitage. With their advanced technology they migrated to the far reaches of the galaxy in twos and threes and colonized remote planets dividing them amongst themselves but never more than three of them per planet. The knowledge of nanotechnology, liquid metals and genetics allows them to clone themselves ad eternum, and to control all aspects of their living through drones, robots and mechs made from the liquid metal infused with nanobots controlled through implants in their brains.


Most of them want nothing more than to be left in peace and live has they have for last hundreds of cycles, but there is a rising faction amongst them, who believe they need to eliminate the threats to their way of living before themselves are eliminated.

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