Check our 3D Prints

The quality of our miniatures is, to us @ FatMan Productions, a priority!

On our process, we first try the 3D’s on a basic stance and print to check if quality and all details are looking good! All humanoid models have 44mm (They may, however, suffer slight variations depending on each stance).

The 3D model:


The 3D prints:










All our miniatures will be casted in high quality resin.

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2 Responses to “Check our 3D Prints

  • Sinceramente não sou grande fã das poses propostas no ultimo post. Falta-lhe movimento a miniatura.

    • Olá Wellington, esta pose é apenas para testes de anatomia! As posições finais serão dinâmicas e interessantes. Obrigado pelo feedback!
      Hello Wellington, This stance is just for anatomical tests! The final stances will be dynamic and interesting . Thank you for the feedback!

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